Who likes chocolate?

Photo of chocolate bars promoting JJ Slate's upcoming book "Till Death Do Us Part" (Coming February 28, 2015)Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce a fun little giveaway I’ll be running throughout the entire month of February. Each Friday this month, I’ll select one person who has pre-ordered the eBook of TILL DEATH DO US PART and signed up for my Thunderclap campaign to receive and autographed copy of the paperback when it releases, as well as some delicious chocolate to stuff in your face while you read it. Because I can’t be the only person who likes to eat chocolate when I read!
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“Till Death Do Us Part” cover reveal!

2014 was an incredible year for me. I published two books with RJ Parker Publishing, Inc., both of which have done phenomenally well, spending several weeks each in #1 spots on Amazon. I’ve met a huge amount of fans who share my passions and have encouraged me to keep writing about what I love. My publisher and mentor, bestselling true crime author RJ Parker, has given me free rein to explore the topics that interest me and because of that, I have a real shot at writing true crime for a living. I am so very excited to present the cover of my latest book, Till Death Do Us Part: A Collection of Newlywed Murder Cases. (By the way, how gorgeous is this cover? Thank you to Katherine McCarthy at Aeternum Designs for this work of art!)
Book by JJ Slate titled "Till Death Do Us Part: A Collection of Newlywed Murder Cases"

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Who are you really talking to online? Social Media Monsters releases tomorrow!

Who is really on the other end of that Facebook friend request, or behind that dating profile, or posting that item for sale on Craigslist? How can you be safe if you plan to meet up with a stranger you met online? What precautions should you take? Tomorrow, RJ Parker and I are releasing our new book, Social Media Monsters: Internet Killers. You can order it now here. In this book, we have detailed more than thirty chilling true stories of killers that have used the internet to locate, stalk, lure, or exploit their victims. Facebook, Craigslist, MySpace, chat rooms, dating sites–it doesn’t matter where you are online; killers are lurking in the shadows. They lurk in suicide chat rooms, search for escorts on Craigslist, and create fake social media profiles to fool and gain the trust of their victims. Someone you have been talking to for months or even years could be a completely different person from what you envisioned.

Not only do we detail these terrifying stories of killers that use social media to find or exploit their victims, but we discuss how law enforcement is now using social media to track and prosecute criminals, and we also provide some terrific tips on internet safety for people of all ages. Learn how to protect yourself from online predators–and spread the knowledge!


Thank you, The Charley Project!

Thank you so much to Meaghan from The Charley Project for this glowing review of Missing Wives, Missing Lives. If you have never visited The Charley Project, now is the time to do it–the site is a HUGE collection of missing persons cases that have gone cold and are often forgotten by mainstream media. I am a longtime fan of the site and believe Meaghan has done an incredible job at keeping the site up-to-date and offering that extra publicity for families of missing loved ones. It’s definitely worth taking a look at!


Establishing a link between John Bittrolff and the Long Island Serial Killer

Photo of John BittrolffIt bothers me that police have been so quick to dismiss any connections between John Bittrolff, the man arrested earlier this week for two cold case murders in the 90s, and the Long Island Serial Killer. Maybe they are just taking their time to piece together a strong case against him. Or maybe they do have some sort of evidence that clearly proves he’s not the killer and they are keeping it from the public so as not to compromise the case. In my last post, I noted that Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota told the media this week, “There is no evidentiary or investigative link between these two murders and any of the Gilgo victims. The evidence recovered from Tangredi and McNamee, the manner in which their bodies were found and the crime scenes are unique to them and distinctly different from the Gilgo crime scenes.” This may be true, but there is a rather large connection that the police are failing to bring up, mainly that torsos from two of the LISK victims were recovered in the Manorville pine barrens, a mere three miles from where Bittrolff lived. UPDATE: Check out an interactive map I put together of the victims’ locations in relation to Bittrolff’s known residences here.
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John Bittrolff charged with Long Island murders in 90s… Is there a connection to the LISK?

This is a pretty incredible story. In 1993, thirty-one-year-old Rita Tangredi’s body was discovered in a Long Island wooded area. Three months later, the body of twenty-year-old Colleen McNamee was also found. Both had been known to work as prostitutes and both bodies were strangled, beaten, and discarded in a wooded area. This week, twenty years later, a forty-eight-year-old local from Manorville, New York named John Bittrolff has been charged in their murders and police are investigating his involvement with another 1993 murder in Suffolk County, that of Sandra Costilla.
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Partially dismembered remains found…Has the Long Island Killer struck again?

On Tuesday, July 8, a couple on Long Island made a gruesome discovery in some tall grass near a municipal parking lot as they were walking towards the ferry: the partially dismembered remains of a female. The area is located in Bay Shore, NY, near Maple and Main Streets, less than 30 miles away from the area in Gilgo State Park, where eight sets of remains were discovered between 2010 and 2011. Has the Long Island Serial Killer (also known as the Gilgo Beach Killer) struck again? Authorities aren’t releasing much information yet, only to say that the female has not yet been identified and they have released cadaver dogs into the area, as well as Gilgo Beach, apparently in an attempt to make sure other bodies have not been dumped in that area as well. Between 2010 and 2011, investigators discovered a total of ten individuals along Gilgo Beach, Oak Beach, and Jones Beach State Park. They announced in November of 2011 that one individual was responsible for all ten murders. Only five of the victims have been identified. Police believe the majority of the victims were strangled and dismembered.
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