About JJ

JJ SLATE is a bestselling true crime author and blogger. Born in Massachusetts, she has always been fascinated with true crime stories, especially those dealing with missing persons and cold cases. Her debut true crime book, Missing Wives, Missing Lives, a compilation of true cases about wives that have gone missing, published in June of 2014 and quickly became an Amazon bestseller in several categories, selling thousands of copies. She teamed up with award-winning and bestselling true crime author RJ Parker to write her second book, Social Media Monsters: Internet Killers, a collection of chilling stories about killers who have used the internet to locate, lure, stalk, or exploit their victims. She now has a total of six books published with RJ Parker Publishing, Inc., and has several more in the works.

A self-proclaimed “trial junkie” and “forensic science nerd,” JJ currently lives in New England with her husband. When she isn’t writing or researching her next book, she is usually researching and blogging about current cases in the media.

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Contact Info:
Email: jenniferjslate@gmail.com
Twitter: @jenniferjslate

4 thoughts on “About JJ

  1. JJ, Spending twenty years working in the field of missing persons and unsolved homicides, I can’t wait to read your book and share your work with others. I still maintain a database of several thousand missing person cases and remain in contact with many of their families. I would be happy to share case and contact information about individual cases with you, so keep me in mind as a resource. I commend you for telling the stories of those who have had their voices silenced. Thank you! Kym


  2. What an amazing accomplishment to have two books publishing within such a short period of time. I look forward to promoting more of your work. Best of everything!


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