Dismembered remains found in the Bronx this week

Is the Manorville Butcher back at work this week? Yesterday, police reported two workers at the Metropolitan trash Transfer Station in the Bronx discovered a woman’s torso and leg in a pile of trash that had been dropped off the night before. The leg was missing a foot. Police secured through five containers in the facility–three that came from the Bronx and two from Kearny, New Jersey. By morning, they had recovered both of the woman’s arms, but neither of her hands.

My first thoughts on this? Well, a torso missing a head and limbs missing hands and feet sound pretty familiar, but I’d caution against jumping to conclusions just yet. Police confirmed the woman had died recently, but they have not yet identified her or any suspects. This case could be totally unrelated to the Gilgo Beach murders. Remember Chinelle Latoya Thompson Browne from 2014? Her body parts were found dismembered and scattered around Long Island and many of us immediately jumped on the story, thinking the killer had struck again. Days later, police identified the body and a main suspect, her neighbor, Leah Cuevas, who was convicted of murder in December 2015. She was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Also, we’re not used to seeing our killer dumping remains in the trash. He likes to dump them in or near bodies of water, and tends to wrap the remains in plastic or place them in containers. I’m not saying it couldn’t be him, but let’s let the police do their job first before jumping to any conclusions.

There are several missing women in the New York and New Jersey area at this time, including two nineteen-year-old girls who mysteriously disappeared from different towns in the last 45 days. I’ve been following these cases closely, since they seem to have eerie similarities: Sarah Stern, from Neptune, missing since December 2 and Rachel Oakes, from Old Bridge, missing since January 9. Oddly, both girls’ cars were discovered abandoned on or near a bridge–Sarah’s car was found parked on the Route 35 bridge in Belmar, NJ, and Rachel’s car was found parked near the Driscoll Bridge in Keasbey, NJ. Let’s keep hoping that the remains discovered yesterday do not belong to either of these two girls.

I’ll be watching the disappearances of Sarah and Rachel closely, as well as the story of the remains discovered in the Bronx, and post any developments here as they happen.

Photo of Somorie MosesUPDATE 1/22/2017: Four days after discovering body parts in a Bronx Trash Transfer Facility, police have made an arrest! Police searched 40-year-old Somorie Moses’s apartment in East Flatbush last night and charged him today with concealment of a human corpse and tampering with evidence. Moses is a convicted sex offender who was convicted in 2006 of profiting from prostitution of a person younger than 16 years old. Police aren’t yet saying if they have identified the dismembered woman who was found earlier this week or if he will be charged with her murder. Moses was ordered to be held without bail.

UPDATE 1/25/2017: The victim has been identified as Somorie Moses’s girlfriend, thirty-two-year-old Leondra Foster. When searching Moses’s apartment, police found her head, hands, and feet inside his freezer. According to police, they used surveillance footage and cellphone records to identify Moses. They arrested him after making the discovery in his freezer while serving a search warrant. As I suspected last week, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this was probably an isolated domestic violence incident and not a clue in the ongoing search for the Manorville Butcher or LISK.

UPDATE 2/3/2017: The two cases I mentioned in the blog post, Sarah Stern and Rachel Oakes, do not appear to be connected at all. Two of Sarah Stern’s friends, Liam McAtasney and Preson Taylor, both nineteen, have been charged with her murder. According to police, McAtasney drove to Sarah’s house with intentions of robbing her, but ended up strangling her. He allegedly contacted Taylor for help in disposing of her body. Police say the two drove Sarah’s car to the bridge, where they dumped her into the river. Her body has still not been found. There are no updates on the disappearance of Rachel Oakes.

UPDATE 3/8/2017: I’m seeing a lot of unconfirmed reports on Facebook that Rachel Oakes’s body has been found in the water under the Driscoll Bridge where her car was found parked, but no official information has been released at this time. Very sad outcome if it is true. I will post updates here as they become available to me. Update 3/9/2017: I have confirmed that Rachel’s body was discovered last weekend near the Raritan River. Police are still investigating the cause of death.



5 thoughts on “Dismembered remains found in the Bronx this week

  1. WOW! We are living in a crazy world. Who could be so demented, twisted and heartless to do this to someone. This is someone’s daughter, someone’s granddaughter, someone’s sister, someone’s friend. It’s so sad and scary to think that there are people in this world that could do that do someone.

    I read that the body parts found were that of a black woman. Both Rachel and Sarah are white, so I guess it is not them. Unless, there are more body parts. Hopefully, not!! I am hoping to God that both of these girls are found safe.


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