Is former Suffolk Police Chief James Burke connected to LISK?

Could it be true? That’s what John Ray, attorney for Shannan Gilbert’s family, is suggesting. In an explosive news conference on Thursday, Ray brought forth a Long Island escort named “Leanne” who claims about a year after Gilbert went missing, she was roughed up in a sexual encounter with former Suffolk Police Chief James Burke in an Oak Beach house party where alcohol and cocaine were prevalent.  Leanne claims Burke choked her and forced her into oral sex after calling her a “not a good whore” and paying her for her services in 2011, just months before he assumed the role of police chief. Leanne also claims to have had several other Suffolk County police officers as clients and offered to take a lie detector test to back up her story.

Photo of James Burke in uniform standing before American flagJames Burke, as we all know, is now serving out a 46-month federal prison sentence after pleading guilty to beating a man in custody who stole a duffel bag filled with sex toys and pornography out of his SUV and then conspiring with officers to cover up his actions. He also is reported to have refused help from the FBI to work the LISK case, an act that makes many suspicious of what he might have been hiding.

In his press conference yesterday, John Ray said Leanne’s account, “brings a direct connection between Burke and those poor dead victims lying along Ocean Parkway.”  When asked if he was “outright accusing Jimmy Burke of possibly being the Gilgo Beach serial killer,” Ray answered quickly and calmly, “Yes,” and further explained that he believes it is possible Burke and Dr. Peter Hackett could have worked together to murder and dispose of the victims along Gilgo Beach. Guys, I am telling you this is an OUTRAGEOUS claim. Look, I’m not saying he isn’t on to something here–but the fact that this guy just called a press conference basically accusing the former chief of police of being a serial killer? That’s not something you see every day. You can watch the full press conference here (and I do recommend watching the entire thing):

I’d like to make it known that James Burke’s attorney, Joseph Conway, was quick to dismiss the claims as made at the press conference “completely outrageous.” Additionally, John Ray claimed he hasn’t taken any of this to the FBI or authorities yet, though he plans to.

Now, I don’t really know what to make of all this. Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. I’m pretty much blown away by all this. Many have long suspected that when the DA’s office refused help from the FBI on the LISK case, Burke was the reason behind that. Maybe he was afraid the FBI would uncover his private life was intertwined with the escort scene on Gilgo Beach. Or maybe it was something even more sinister than that. Whatever the reason, I do feel like everyone needs to be investigated to the fullest extent in this case, no matter how small the lead or outrageous the claims might seem.
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18 thoughts on “Is former Suffolk Police Chief James Burke connected to LISK?

  1. It isn’t outrageous because it is the truth. He blocked the FBI getting into the investigation because he is involved and knows who actually did it. He and Dr. Hackett and Brewer. Brewer was drugging them. Gilbert is was not just randomly placed there by a separate serial killer either but by the same group of guys. And you know Burke got in with Spota in high school by lying and accusing the boys.


    • Google “the whores of Babylon” and have you ever seen the movie “eyes wide shut”? There is a whole group of people involved. Hackett was prescribing drugs for the whole community. They even found pain pills in Burke’s cell. Also rumors of satanic worship and sacrifice. Hence the biblical connection to “whores of Babylon” Shannon saw something that spooked her,… perhaps a robe or an alter.


  2. I think the doctor called Shannon’s mother because he wanted to let her in on what was going onwith her daughter in a surreptitious way, thereby implicating himself. He knows who the culprits are for sure. Depose them all, under oath! What about Natasha Lugo who washed up on the beach? What about the Black call girl who was running away from that area half dressed screaming, “They are trying to kill me!” Did anyone question her?


  3. Charles Peter Hackett is the Long Island Serial Killer…. The SCPD has made every effort to squash this case and has done no investigation in Oak Beach….


  4. There’s always been a theory of two different serial killers, so what if Dr. Hackett and Police chief are killing together and making a competition out of it. I’ve had a feeling it has to be someone in Law Enforcement because they really did a shitty job with the whole investigation and on purpose I assume. How could the person not be caught? it is crazy to have so many bodies and not one clue or shred of DNA of a second person. As for the person dismembering bodies-could be the doctor-he knows anatomy. These two have to be in on it in some way.


    • I COMPLETELY AGREE!! I was also suspicious of the Shannans driver?! If she trusted Michael Pak soo much, why did she refuse to get into his car the night she disappeared??


      • Good point! I have wondered about that as well. Why wouldn’t Shannan go with him? I do think it’s possible Michael was threatening her or that the john said that Michael was “in on” a plan to kill her (whether this was true or not).


  5. At first I was highly suspect of Michael Pak – but, the more I learn about this case, the more I take his words to the retired insurance adjuster into whose house she stumbled quite differently. When the old man told him, “I called the cops,” he replied, “you shouldn’t have done that.” This could have two possible meanings: In one, Pak’s concern is for the freedom of the killer; in the other, his concern *is for her* – as he could have recently been made aware, one way or another, that it was indeed a member(s) of SCPD who was threatening her life. In other words, he *could* have actually been trying to *save* her. And, if he were, do you think he’d be very vocal about it, knowing what he just stumbled into? Not on your life.

    He says in an off-camera interview (with 48 Hours, I think) that he passed a lie detector test “with flying colors.” 48 Hours says the SCPD wouldn’t comment on that. BUT, the ex-chief of SCPD, in some interview on a very small, no viewership youtube channel seems to indicate otherwise, and backs up Pak’s claim (it seems like he didn’t know, or just forgot, that the SCPD’s policy was going to be no comment on this).

    I’m not clear on how she met Pak. Can someone enlighten me??


  6. maybe burke started young by killing the pius boy, manipulated spota at the time saying he was a witness. and bam a serial killer was born. remember he told people he wanted to be a cop so he could break the law.
    also hackett is a proven liar. he definitely encountered gilbert that morning and called her mother. case is probably seperate, but she was killed in his back yard..


  7. I have no doubt that scumbag James Burke is the killer. A violent, arrogant piece of garbage that tried to block the investigation. Why else would he Do that? If you met him you would know he did it too.


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