Steven Avery Transcripts and Court Documents

Mugshot of Steven Avery from Calumet County JailThis post contains the complete transcripts for Steven Avery’s jury trial in 2007. I have also come across a number of other court documents, police memos, and transcripts that I have posted here.

Looking for documents and transcripts from Brendan Dassey’s trial? Click here.

Pertaining to the 1985 Rape Case:

Pertaining to the 2005 Arrest:

Pertaining to the 2007 Trial:

Complete Trial Transcripts:

Post-Trial Documents


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7 thoughts on “Steven Avery Transcripts and Court Documents

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  2. Thanks for posting all the trial transcripts. Reading just the closing arguments shows how one sided the Making a Murderer docudrama is.


  3. After reading all the trial documents it is obvious Avery is guilty. The DA makes a good point in his closing argument that if the defense really thought Avery was framed why didn’t they do their own investigation of the two officers?


  4. They weren’t allowed to suggest anyone else in their defense case. Additionally, consider how you go about trying to investigate police officers? We are bought up to respect the law inforcement and to suggest otherwise is to go against everything we know. Police are there for the good and to protect us. Imagine for a minute the implications it has if they did plant evidence or frame him… and it does happen. Maybe they only planted evidence because they wanted to secure a conviction because they knew he did it. Or maybe it had something to do with the lawsuit he had going on. Either way, you can’t deny a large amount of the evidence was corrupt, and for that reason you can’t convict. If they were so sure he was guilty, they should have let the evidence they did have secure the conviction and not try to interfere. Personally, there’s far too much wrong with the evidence for me to think he’s guilty. There’s not a single fingerprint on the car, but his blood so obviously left there? The key with his DNA but not a single piece of her DNA. Why meticulously clean it only to put your own DNA straight back on? And to be found so late into the search and by someone who shouldn’t of even been there? Spare key or not, there is something very wrong with that. And why would you move the bones (and don’t even get me started on the fact you would need a much higher heat to reduce them to the level they were burnt to than a fire pit with some trash on it)? In dasseys interviews he says Avery talked about filling in the burn pit after the bonfire, so if she was burnt there why move only part of the bones? It doesn’t add up. Neither does most of his interview and confessions. I could go on and on. Having studied law and have a degree in it, I find this fascinating and can’t wait to see what his new lawyer has discovered in her new evidence.


  5. There is no doubt in my mind that Steven Avery was rightfully convicted. I came to the conclusion after painstakingly reading every transcript of his court case and further legal documents that can be obtained with a simple Google search. Also, from interviews with close relatives with who, he had incestuous sexual relations. This is an evil, troubled excuse of a man.

    However, I cannot say the same for Brendan Dassey. It breaks my heart that a young man with cognitive delays who was so obviously coerced into giving investigators the “right answers” was convicted solely on w false confession. No DNA, no fingerprints, ansolutely NOTHING to tie him to the crime except his wildly varying statements to investigators. I just hope someone, somewhere can help this poor young man.


  6. I should also add that it’s taken me months to read all the available materials regarding Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. I simply refused to take the propaganda of Making A Murderer as the gospel on the subject. I encourage anyone to take the time and do the research and form your own conclusions.

    Thanks for having all this valuable information in one, easy to navigate spot Jennifer!


  7. Hello a bit late to the party I’m aware but I’m throwing this out there ..,,when Steven was arrested for the assault on PB in 1985 he told his wife it was for a murdered girl (see 12/17/03 DoJ wrongful conviction review in link above ) he didn’t know at the time what he was being arrested for so does this show he had already committed a crime he was expecting to get caught for ? has anyone looked into unsolved homicides or missing persons around that 1981-85 time to see if Avery was responsible?


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