“Her name was Bella Bond.”

Bella Bond, left, and the computer-generated image used to learn her identity, right.

A few weeks ago, I posted about Baby Doe, a young girl whose body was found wrapped in a blanket and a trash bag, discarded on Deer Island in Boston.  For several months, we all wondered who this child could be–how no one could notice a sweet, innocent girl had gone missing. Today, we know who she was, and two arrests have been made in the case.

“Her name was Bella Bond,” Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley told the public yesterday at a press conference. A tipster had called police headquarters earlier this week with some information on the case and investigators swiftly moved in on the suspects.  We learned that the cherubic girl in the computer-generated photo was two-year-old Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond. She was murdered at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, Michael Patrick McCarthy. Multiple news outlets are now reporting that McCarthy confessed to police he believed Bella was “possessed by demons” and punched her in the stomach several times, ending her life. The couple then allegedly kept Bella’s lifeless body in a freezer for over a month before discarding it on Deer Island in June. Police now work to match up the physical evidence with the couple’s accounts as they build a case to present to the court.

For the rest of Boston, the news is bittersweet. We are relieved to finally match a name to this innocent child’s face, but saddened to know her brief life came to an end with such violence and by the hands of those entrusted with her care. Rest in peace, baby Bella.

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