Who Is Baby Doe?

Image of Baby DoeOn June 25, 2015, a woman walking her dog along the beaches of Deer Island discovered a trash bag that contained the body of a young child. Three weeks later, a computer-generated image of the young girl, dubbed “Baby Doe” has been viewed millions of times and we still don’t know who she is. Baby Doe was approximately 4 years old when she died. She weighed just thirty pounds and stood at three-and-a-half feet tall. She had brown eyes and brown hair.

Baby Doe’s body showed no obvious signs of injury. An autopsy has been completed, but her manner of death remains a mystery. Authorities are waiting for a toxicology report to rule out signs of poison–either accidental or intentional. The child was discovered wearing black-and-white polka-dot pants and was wrapped up in a zebra-print blanket inside the trash bag (see photos).

Image depicting zebra-striped blanket and white pajama pants with black polka-dots

Some have speculated that Baby Doe may have washed up from another nearby area, but authorities believe the condition of the body indicates she was either placed on the beach where she was found, or disposed of nearby.

I can’t stop thinking about this child. How is it possible no one has recognized this face yet? Someone must be missing this baby. Let’s help the Massachusetts State Police by sharing her photo and continuing to spread the word about this beautiful baby girl. Anyone with information can text GIRL, followed by the tip, to 67283. You can also call the anonymous 24-hour tip line at (617) 396-5655.

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