Who likes chocolate?

Photo of chocolate bars promoting JJ Slate's upcoming book "Till Death Do Us Part" (Coming February 28, 2015)Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce a fun little giveaway I’ll be running throughout the entire month of February. Each Friday this month, I’ll select one person who has pre-ordered the eBook of TILL DEATH DO US PART and signed up for my Thunderclap campaign to receive and autographed copy of the paperback when it releases, as well as some delicious chocolate to stuff in your face while you read it. Because I can’t be the only person who likes to eat chocolate when I read!

Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Pre-order the eBook of Till Death Do Us Part here. Right now, it’s only $2.99! If you pre-order now and the price goes up before the release date (and it will), you are locked into that low rate. PLUS, you don’t get charged until it releases on February 28!

Step 2: Support my Thunderclap campaign here. What is a Thunderclap campaign you ask? It’s actually really neat. I created a little ad about my book that will blast out to all my social media accounts on the day before the release. All you need to do is sign in with a Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account and pledge your support. By doing this, you are allowing my ad to create a one-time post to your social media account. This greatly increases the reach of my ad, allowing not only just my followers and supporters to see it, but also your friends, too. I need to get to 100 supporters for this to work, so please sign up to help me get there!

Finally, just because I love you so much, I’ll be sending out a bunch of chocolates to random fans and supporters all month. So look for a DM from me!

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