Skeletal remains found in 1997 identified as missing Phoenix mother Susan Cook

Photo of Susan Denise CookThis is an odd story. Susan Cook went missing from Phoenix, Arizona on December 14, 1996. I can’t find very much information on the case, but what we do know is that she was last seen by her husband in her apartment at 8130 W. Indian School Road. Female skeletal remains were found approximately six months after Susan’s disappearance in the area of 87th Ave and West Dobbins Road. Despite the fact the remains were discovered in an area less than eleven miles away from her apartment, they weren’t tested against Susan’s DNA until recently. In January 2014, the tests confirmed that the remains are Susan’s. At the time of her disappearance, Susan was thirty-two years old and married with two children. Police have confirmed they are treating Susan’s death as a homicide.

I am curious as to why testing the remains against Susan’s DNA took eighteen years, especially considering the location of where the body was found in proximity to her apartment. I suspect we’ll be hearing more about this case soon.

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6 thoughts on “Skeletal remains found in 1997 identified as missing Phoenix mother Susan Cook

  1. Susan was my birth mother, she was actually mother to three. Her mother Nancy you recently passed from Cancer, adopted me.


  2. Susan was my best friend in school. We were inseparable. I searched for her on Facebook many times but came up with nothing. I remember her being pregnant with you Jonathan and Nancy keeping you. i hope that you are good.
    My heart is broken, i can’t believe this happened to her. I only with i could have found her to be her friend again and help her through her troubled times.
    She is with God now and safe.


    • Oh hey, I just now saw this. I often look at this when I think of her. Sadly, my life is as tragic as hers, except I’m still alive, barely. But thank you and I miss her like no other. Still have an old photo of her holding me for a photo shoot I love.


  3. To the author of this post. The reason it took so long, was because they had no records to use against her DNA. They couldn’t find me as I was living in MI. They finally got a hold of my half brother/sister and got DNA tested against them. They tried looking up dental records as well, but had no luck there. Me, and her Mother, nancy amongst other family just thought or hoped, Susan had just “ran away..”


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