Police digging in backyard of missing mom Patty Vaughan’s husband

Image of Patty VaughanI haven’t written the chapter on Patty Vaughan in my book, Missing Wives, Missing Lives, just yet, but her case is one of the next on my list to write about. Turns out the police have been digging at her husband’s former property in Texas this week in search of the missing mother of three. I’m so glad to see some action taking place on some of these cold cases!

Patty went missing on Christmas Day in 1996. Her husband, J.R. Vaughan, has long been a person of interest in her disappearance. According to J.R., the two had a fight and she got in her minivan and drove away. Two days after she vanished, the minivan was found abandoned with a flat tire approximately fifteen miles from her home. Inside the van, the carpeting had been freshly shampooed and was still damp, but investigators still found traces of Patty’s blood. Police also discovered her blood in the master bedroom of the couple’s home, and on a mop in the residence. Since her disappearance, there have been several searches for Patty, including at a high school in 2006 where J.R. reportedly was filling concrete slabs the week Patty went missing.

Patty’s family believes she never left the house and J.R. buried her in the backyard. According to police, they inspected the area at the time of Patty’s disappearance, but didn’t find anything suspicious. Now that J.R. and the couple’s three children live in Colorado, it appears investigators are acting on the beliefs of the family members and conducting a dig at the former residence.

UPDATE: Nothing of interest was found during the dig. Very sad, but Patty’s family refuses to give up hope. The search will continue until they are able to bring Patty home.


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