Husband and wife charged with murder of missing 20-year-old Heather Elvis

Photo of Heather ElvisIn an interesting turn of events in the missing case of Heather Elvis, who has been missing from South Carolina since December 18, 2013, the man she had been having an affair with and his wife have been charged with her kidnapping and murder. Sidney Moorer, 38, and his wife Tammy Moorer, 42, were both originally charged last month with indecent exposure (from two separate incidents in different locations on December 17 and 18) and obstruction of justice (giving misinformation about Heather and their whereabouts on the night she went missing). Investigators searched their home after they were taken into custody and what they found led them to charge the couple with kidnapping and murder.

Twenty-year-old Heather was allegedly having an affair with Sidney when his wife found out about it. Investigators have uncovered threatening text messages sent from Tammy to Heather during that time period. They have also determined that Sidney called Heather from a payphone the night of her disappearance. After that call, Heather called a friend to say Sidney had told her he was leaving his wife. The friend told police that she sounded upset. Heather then tried calling the pay phone and Sidney’s cell phone back several times before finally reaching him at 3:17 a.m. They spoke for four minutes, after which prosecutors believe she drove to the Peachtree Boat Landing to meet Sidney. She tried to call him several more times before her phone stopped transmitting data at 3:41 a.m. Investigators have surveillance video of a dark colored pickup truck that appears to belong to Sidney and Tammy approaching and later leaving the same area. Heather’s car was found abandoned the next day, and she has been missing ever since. A gag order motion has been filed, so it is likely we won’t hear too much more evidence until this heads to trial. Hoping for some sort of a plea deal where one of the Moorers will give up the location of Heather so her family can have some closure.


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