Arrest made in Holly Bobo disappearance

campaign-for-truckers-to-help-bring-missing-holly-bobo-home-21531593I’ve followed the Holly Bobo case closely since she first went missing in 2011. The case was an odd one: a beautiful twenty-year old nursing student from Tennessee mysteriously vanished from her own house in broad daylight. Her brother was home at the time and happened to look out the window as she was being led into the woods by a man in hunting attire he mistakenly thought at the time was her boyfriend. It was only after the family realized she was missing that her brother realized he must have witnessed her abduction. Now, nearly three years later, police have charged twenty-nine year old Zachary Rye Adams with her aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder. Officials stated yesterday they could seek the death penalty against Adams and a decision about that would be made at a later time. Details are limited, but it is known that a cadaver dog and a small Bobcat excavator were brought in to search Adams’ residence over the weekend, after he was arrested for holding a gun to his current girlfriend’s head and threatening to “gut” her with a knife. It is not clear if officials had considered Adams a suspect prior to this arrest. It is also not clear if officials have found Holly’s remains, although District Attorney General Hansel McCadams stated in the press conference yesterday that they felt there was sufficient evidence to prove that Holly had been “forcefully taken from her home without her consent” and “killed in the perpetration of that kidnapping.” It is a sad day for the Bobo family, but hopefully they will feel some comfort knowing that they will get closure in her disappearance.


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